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I tried out Seven Cups of Tea after reading this article, and I have a cupa points of feedback. From what I make of it, it's apparent that the business model is that of "professional listeners" i. This manifests itself through these constant popup windows while the listener is engaged in american horny women heavy emotional conversation. Imagine you're pouring your heart out to someone and things are at an emotional juncture, and a sickly cheerful popup comes up on the screen cajoling you to up or rate the listener.

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There's a flip side to your perspective.

Thanks Bryant! I'd be happy to hear what others think about the subject. Learn More About Active Listening We connect you with a compassionate, trained active listener through our secure network.

I appreciate the support! I think of this as something like an "intro to connection," a way for lonely people to bootstrap from zero friends to one or more. When you can go outside, meet people, and when you connect you block the use of a phone line. The success of this venture leaves me asking some questions. Same thing with one-on-one online anonymous chats. They're using the internet to make the kind of connections you and I just don't understand.

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I've heard this argument referred to as the "Bowling Alone Hypothesis" [1]. A light touch. Thank you :. We are constantly iterating on things and hope to get the right balance sooner rather than later. Basically the idea that first radio, then television, and now the internet, etc. I wasn't raised in an active neighborhood community, it was just the place I lived.

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You see, anyone who visits this website and connects emotionally with a listener experiences the purest form of engagement - emotional engagement and a genuine empathic bond with someone. I can understand that historically it made sense, but nowadays it just feels outdated.

7 cups anonymous chat

Take a look at our community of listeners and online therapists and find the right someone for you to talk to about your problems. It helps frame your problem from your original context in your social and family clique to try to explain it to a stranger.

7 cups anonymous chat

I think there's a lot of appeal of listening to someone as it makes you relate to your own problems and step outside of yourself to realize that it's not a "me" world; and that everyone is kinda of grotesque like in that short story collection, "Winesburg, Ohio". Unprofessional and looks like a bad stock picture.

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I've never used 7cupsoftea, but have used similar service such as CompassionPit, Omegle and another site I'm forgetting the name of. I just think that a lot of us who spend so much of our time using these remarkable tools chst and the internet should take care to make sure we don't overuse them.

7 cups anonymous chat

And so Anoymous live today; I don't really know who my direct neighbors are, because my social life is smeared out so much farther. This is great! Both of those counter your assertion of isolation and it's a value judgement on your part that these forms of interaction are inferior to uk sex chats ones you promote. We decided to use volunteers in the intro to introduce the idea of what 7 Cups is doing.

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I also agree that it can be so much more. Author here. And kids, just watch kids interact.

If you're transgendered and the struggles or problems you face can't be related to your neighbor. HCIdivision17 on July 25, We certainly seem to live in a more secluded society, and it runs far deeper than the Internet. I lost interest in the article immediately after seeing that.

Having a "company name" as a username on HN just feels so impersonal when you're talking to us. Everyone deserves access to that help. Yes, it uses the medium anknymous the Internet, but it also provides people with a sense of real intimacy and support that can be hard to come by in their immediate surroundings. I unofficially studied ideas pretty similar to this in roleplay online chat.

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JacobAldridge on July 26, Of course! If you are open, then please shoot me an info 7cupsoftea. But it seems to me that over the past 20 years especially there has been a drastic increase in the isolation most Americans have from anonyymous outside world.